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Associate Professor Ph.D. Marek Jabłoński

Vice President of the OTTIMA plus Sp. From o.o, Katowice Co-founder and initiator of Southern Railroad Cluster. He has over 15 years of experience in the design and implementation of management optimization systems, the lead auditor of management systems.

Graduate of the Silesian University of Technology Faculty of Materials Science, Metallurgy and Transport, “Transport Direction”, and Railway Technical School in Sosnowiec, Specialization –
Habilitated doctor of economics with a specialization in management science.

Long-term advisor of Polish and foreign companies in the field of modern management methods and techniques.
Railway specialist in railway traffic safety management and maintenance of railway infrastructure. The author of a number of technical and economic analysis and expertise in rail transport. In addition, the project manager on the construction of modern management methods and rail transport.
Areas of competence:

  • Managing railroad maintenance,
  • Safety management in rail transport,
  • Quality management in rail transport,
  • Business efficiency management,
  • Optimization of costs and management structures of railway undertakings


  • Safety management systems, in accordance with Directive 2004/49 / EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 29 April 2004 on rail safety and amending Council Directive 95/18 / EC on the licensing of railway undertakings and Directive 2001/14 / EC on On the allocation of railway infrastructure capacity and charging for the use of railway infrastructure and the award of safety certificates (Railway Safety Directive) – more than 50 projects for infrastructure managers and railway undertakings.
  • Technical expertise in the design of maintenance of rolling stock (DSU).
  • Cargo Maintenance Management Systems in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 445/2011 of 10 May 2011 on the system of certification of entities in charge of maintenance for freight wagons and amending Regulation (EC) No 653/2007 Responsible for maintenance.
  • Independent assessment of risk management in the railway sector, in line with Commission Regulation (EC) No 352/2009 of 24 April 2009 on the adoption of a common safety assessment methodology on valuation and risk assessment referred to in Article 6 (3) (a European Parliament Directive 2004/49 / EC, about 10 projects. Other rail safety projects – more than 50.

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